22 April 2009

In which, the espresso intake becomes quite severe.

Italians absolutely do not drink cappuccinos after breakfast. I think 11AM-ish is the cut-off mark. Ordering a caffe with milk or creme after that is considered very touristy and very un-Italian.

To my delight and dismay, my host mother got her stove-top espresso machine (also called Moka) fixed and all week, I've been starting off each morning with two espressos. And then of course, during the 30-minute morning break in class, I go to the local bar and have a cappuccino. And as I write this at nearly 3PM, I'm drinking some more.

I asked my Italian teacher about this no-milk after breakfast thing and she thought it was so strange that I thought it was strange. I love the European cafe culture, and I wish more of it existed back in the states. Tips don't really exist here either, and so in restaurants and cafes, you can sit for as long as you like without feeling rushed out (and no tipping bartenders either!).

Mm, just before I left for Italy, I was trying to cut down on my caffeine intake, but after my first cappuccino here, I've given that up. I am definitely going to miss this when I am home.

I have a brand new Bodum French press waiting for me at home, but after I've seen how cheap the Bialetti Moka espresso machines are here, I'm so tempted to bring one home. I'm tempted but I've definitely decided against it, although that doesn't mean that I still don't lust after one every time I smell the caffe in the morning. Illy is so cheap here as well! Ohhh, if I only had the space in my suitcase... :(


January said...

just get it! :)

Anny said...

Hooray for not being rushed! Enjoy it!

Laura said...

woman, I've been waiting for this post. I don't get it, having milk after breakfast is not customary or cappuccinos in general? What if you want to eat cereal for a snack? I guess you can put cereal with water like I do when I'm too lazy to get milk.

Margaret said...

i think... you should just buy another suitcase. =)

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