27 April 2009

sciroppo per la tosse

Unfortunately, the pesky frog that appeared in my throat two weeks ago has grown into a full-blown hacking cough. After a few days of oranges and fluids, I've finally given up and made my way to the local farmacia (pharmacy) to buy me some meds. I've put this off for two weeks because I generally don't like taking medicine and because le farmacie are so expensive here. As charming as Europe is, sometimes I just need a freaking CVS to pick out my own preferred brand of sciroppo per la tosse (cough syrup).

The pharmacist gave me a Vicks brand sciroppo per la tosse, and being sick and uncomfortable, I was happy to recognize the name. While I was there, I also learned a new vocabulary word: Muco (mucus), nice.

He also gave me directions to take the medicine three times a day before each meal. But since I like to read instructions anyway, I took a look at the box. The recommended serving amount read: Adulti e ragazzi di età superiore ai 12 anni: 15 ml (equivalente a 3 cucchiaini da caffè). (Adults and teens older than 12 years: 15 ml (equivalent to 3 teaspoons of caffè or, as it is in Italy, espresso).

Seriously, only in Italy would the measurement of 15 ml be clarified as 3 teaspoons of caffè. Not to mention that the bottle had no sort of safety/protection seal to prevent tampering.

Anyway, here's to feeling better!


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Anny said...

"I am not a frog, Wendy!"

Winston said...

Keep chugging.

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