20 May 2009

Oy, It's been awhile

As of tomorrow, I will only have ONE week left in Florence! Somehow I don't know how that's possible. The past month in particular has been really busy: weekend trips to Amalfi (Capri, Sorrento, Positano), Roma, and Venice.

My sister is arriving this Friday for my last few days in Italy. We're going to Cinque Terre with some of my friends for the weekend.

I'm feeling pretty lazy about posting, so I'll wrap this up with much-needed and belated pictures of what I've been up to.

Perfect weather and friends in Pompeii. We didn't end up hiring a tour guide, but we found an amazing security guard who ended up giving us a private tour, bypassing lines and security barriers. It helps to speak Italian!

Our group: American, Australian, German, El Salvadorean, Mexican, and Scottish

Da Michele's in Napoli: According to Elizabeth Gilbert, it's the best pizza in Naples, and thus, in Italy, and thus, in the world. I must say, I have to agree. It was pretty fabulous. As my friends and I inhaled the pizza on the street (eating on the street = no wait time), two Italian guys passed us and said to each other, "Una maratona! - A marathon!". I started laughing and they were embarrassed that I understood them :)

During the boat ride around Capri, our driver said that we can jump in the water if we wanted to. I think this is the most spontaneous I've ever been, ever. Of course, I had to walk around sopping wet for the rest of the day (no towel! no change of clothes!), but it was well worth it.

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