13 April 2009

In which, Easter comes and goes

In Italy, Easter Monday is considered a holiday, rather than Good Friday. So this morning, I very lazily got up to a day of sunshine and no school-- the perfect combination.

Someone is playing jazzy Italian piano music in the courtyard and it's, so, picturesque. The worst part is, it's all spontaneous-- I find myself in all these adorably quaint moments in my day. Haha, I say the WORST because it's almost too typical for these moments to occur in Italy. It's like, too much, Under the Tuscan Sun, ha--

For instance last morning, I was walking with my friend to the Sunday markets, and two cyclists ride by and with a friendly wave, shout out, "Buon giorno bella!". I am not even making that up. They actually say that here.

To balance out the cutesyness of this post, I should tell a creepy story. Last night, as I was walking by myself to meet up with some friends, this sketchy guy slithers up and says under his breath, "Ciao bella". Ew. It's not just a slogan on a t-shirt-- but they actually say it.


Anny said...

Hooray for cheerful bicyclists!

No hooray for slithery gross guys!

Margaret said...

can i favorite this post? :)
enjoy the like-a-scene-out-of-a-movie-but-totally-unreal-that-it's-happening-in-real-life moments!!

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