20 February 2009

In which It is realized that there is one week left...

nd I begin to freak out a little.

Not freak out bad. But freak out in a good. The best kind of freaking out possible: Packing. And what to bring. And more importantly, not to bring.

When I was little, I used to LOVE packing. I'd set aside clothes neatly folded in piles on the side a few days before my trip, until I realized, I had nothing to wear during that waiting period. Somewhere along the line, I started to hate packing. Maybe it was when I started buying my own clothes and shoes, maybe it was when my clothes started to become too big and too heavy to fit into a small plastic pink backpack for a weekend trip to Disney World.

Regardless, I hate packing.

I love lists and I love organization, but there's something about packing that turns me into such a procrastinator. I vow not to do that this time. And thus... I Google, "How to pack for Italy" because I am THAT lazy about this.


January said...

florence. WOO!

florence. WOO!!

Winston said...

packing sucks, can you give me a guide on that before i come? haha

Kayoung said...

I'm not a huge fan of packing, either. :( But packing is better than unpacking, hands down!

Yay for blogging! I started one on my last semester at school here: http://kayslastsemester.tumblr.com. Woo!

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