09 February 2009

In which Clara has a very happy birthday.

his past Saturday, I had threw myself a dinner party for 7 of my close friends. As it was my first dinner party, I was a bit nervous and dorkily went all out with place settings and menus (printed on fancy resume paper).

It was particularly sweet to host my birthday party in the apartment, which has so warmly become home in the past few months. Not to mention all of my lovely, lovely friends, who thoughtfully came bearing gifts and cupcakes.

After snacking on some antipasti, cheese, and wine, we Feasted on roasted pork loin with port and fig sauce. And of course, we finished off with several desserts (it WAS my birthday after all-- and birthdays, like vacations, are an excuse to eat whatever and whenever you want!). A meyer lemon tart, dark chocolate brownies, panna cotta with fresh berries, and of course, courtesy of my roommate's new boyfriend (whom I now fully approve of), cupcakes from my absolute favorite bakery in NYC (Sugar Sweet Sunshine). The night's menu basically consisted of everything I wanted to eat-- but hey, it's my party and I can do what I want to.

I'm now another year older, this year has been pretty darn swell. Already a fine step up from last year!

My friends are such utter Rock Stars.

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